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CUT...PASTE...SHARE...Join us in creating collage art

It will bring you closest to your subconscious state as you can possibly be in a "waking" state. Insight
will be revealed as your collage condenses past and present occurances, without using the left brian's
thinking operations. The only ability needed is the ability to have FUN!

Limited space available. Call 954-610-1041 - Laura Imbriale, LCSW


Pump Up the Wisdom


“Find your id”

Fun workshop that is designed to uncover your

Inner Most Self.

The only ability needed is the ability to have FUN

Your story will develop in your collage as it encapsulates past, and present occurrences, without using the left brain’s thinking operations. Making collage art will bring you closer to your subconscious than conscious visual perceptions. Since everyone has the ability to create art, it is only about enjoying the process, not about being an art critic.

Journaling with collage can be a continuous activity that can be considered the “photo album of your subconscious”. You will be amazed and delighted when you unmask your subconscious, revealing your inner most self and illuminating the path to your life’s purpose.

Process: Easily retrieve images, and text, by cutting them out of magazines or from your *(collecting stash). Arrange, and adhere the images to paper canvas using glue stick. *All supplies are provided and are included in the price of the workshop.

* collecting stash: Is a collection of your memorabilia, fabric, ribbon, and miscellaneous items that can be added to your collage.

Facilitator : Laura Imbriale, LCSW

Licensed clinical therapist /artist.


image 1
Collage 1
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Collage 2
image 3
Collage 3
image 4
Collage 4

Image 16
Collage 5

Collage 6