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Laura Imbriale's thesis is focused on symbolism found in the 14th century BC. This entailed one dimensional figures as well as decorative symbols that adorned most of the ancient works of art.

The individual paintings created in this venue, are based on a family or individual’s personal legacy. They are uniquely created using gouache and mixed media. A painting containing a lifetime of memories and meaningful symbolism is priceless.


Laura ImbrialiAbout The Artist
Laura’s first formal art training began at the age of 12 when she attended the Art Student League in New York. Throughout high school and college she reveled in the creation process. She received a Bachelor in Fine Arts from Boston College, and she attended Massachusetts College of Art for graphic art design, which served to enhance her skills in a different arena. Although her work appears throughout the country she is a resident of Florida and Maine and is active in both art communities.

After college Laura was employed to design windows and arrange merchandise in stores. It was her introduction into designing spaces. Later she found that interior design could be a venue for yet another creative expression. L&L Creations was developed in 2003. Working with antiques and vintage objects led her to use vintage objects as embellishments in the Canine Couture venue. Of course Boomer her dog was initial inspiration!

In 1998 Laura became a psychotherapist and obtained a license in the state of Florida. As a licensed clinical social worker, she used art and music in her therapy groups Laura realized how beneficial it was to the client as well as for the cohesiveness of the group. Laura is constantly involved in creative projects. She believes that creating art is one of the closest ways to reveal your “subconscious world” in a waking state. Laura has been keeping a collage journal and found it to be fun and useful in her life. She enjoys facilitating that fun experience to all those who would like to get to know their” inner self”. In this age of” conscious evolution” Collage Journaling can help you reveal your path in this Life’s Journey.

Laura Imbriale, BA, , MSW, LCSW

(954) 610-1041


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